A big church can make a big difference

We can change the lives of millions across the street and around the world, knowing we not only have the capacity to usher in change, but we have the authority. We are called by Christ Himself to “Go” and proclaim the Gospel, the good news. We are charged to proclaim to all humanity the message of:

Redemption. Freedom. Justice. Hope. Peace. Healing.

Let's not simply hear the message... let's be the message .

– Kerry & Chris Shook

Ultimately targeting Spiritual needs, we understand that if we wish to share our faith with needy people, we must address the painful conditions and circumstances in which they live. To fail to do so, we fail to show them the fullness of Christ’s beauty.

We have taken aim at addressing the spiritual needs of mankind as we enter through the door of meeting very real physical needs both across the street and around the world.

Global Missions

In partnership with indigenous leaders in every culture, our global impact projects are scalable, sustainable, and measureable endeavors to share the hope of Christ around the world in tangible methods to meet specific needs, ultimately bringing lasting change to both the physical and spiritual conditions of the cultures and people we serve.


Local Missions

Working alongside partner organizations and local leaders on the ground in their communities, our local and domestic impact initiatives are targeted endeavors to share the hope of Christ throughout the greater Houston area and across our nation through tangible methods that are bringing lasting change to the people we serve and ushering in powerful spiritual awakening.


Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, our advance team from Woodlands Church is dispatched and on the ground to determine how we can best serve. Working through local agencies and churches of affected areas, teams of volunteers are trained to address the specific needs of a crisis and deployed to support relief efforts while offering hope and encouragement.

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